New QA & HSE manager on quality

A brief introduction | QA & HSE manager, Remco Oudshoorn

After more than 30 years, our QA & HSE manager Corno Groeneweg is handing over the quality baton to Remco Oudshoorn. We’d like to introduce you to Remco.

Capacities that deliver savings

Remco Oudshoorn: In fact, I’m always looking for new ways of delivering savings for internal and external clients while maintaining – or even improving – quality and safety.

Agreeing quality and safety requirements early in the process

As the QA & HSE manager, you’ll meet me at an early stage of the engineering and redesign process. Together with the relevant departments, I help you determine the quality and safety standards and agree the desired parameters for the products, shaped components and housings to be developed. My technical know-how and experience add value during this process. This has several benefits.

A few of the benefits

It allows a better and more professional response to specific requirements and wishes, which ultimately improves the realisation of the final product.

It is easier to carry out quality measurements and checks, for example during the FOT (first out of tool) and later in the production and/or assembly process. Any deviations can be identified and corrected more rapidly.

This contributes to the realisation of high-quality, durable products that comply with the previously agreed quality, safety and technical specifications. The follow-up care process is also simplified, and customer satisfaction increased.

About Remco

Remco has demonstrable experience with the development of client-specific product solutions in various sectors, including automotive and machinery and equipment building. As a mechanical engineer with a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), he has developed everything from military vehicles to dough processing equipment.

A word of thanks for Corno Groeneweg

We would like to warmly thank Corno Groeneweg for his enormous contribution. His dedication to delivering high quality was second to none. This applies not just to the large, complex plastic products, housings and shaped components that we develop, produce and assemble for our clients, but also the ongoing professionalisation of our organisation and its processes. From the start of January 2021, Remco will take over all tasks, as Corno is emigrating.

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