Assembly injection-moulded plastic products

HSV-TMP has a specially equipped assembly department, where we carry out the assembly of injection-moulded plastic products for our clients. In addition to assembly, we also carry out quality tests here, as well as packaging your injection-moulded plastic products. Every day, our trained staff work on assembly lines that have been set up specifically for individual clients.

Assembly of injection-moulded plastic products

HSV-TMP assembles injection-moulded plastic products in-house. This way of working enables us to offer you high standards of quality and flexibility. If required, HSV-TMP can also handle the procurement of additional products, as well as warehousing and logistics. This can help you achieve cost reductions in multiple areas. All departments will be closely involved in the process, share their knowledge and brainstorm with you, finding the solution that is ideal for your needs.

Assembly work

HSV-TMP has advanced equipment and can do the following assembly work for you:

  • mirror welding
  • milling
  • insert rubber seals
  • ultrasonic welding
  • heat transfer, also in colour pad printing
  • stickering
  • client-specific packaging
  • testing

Test setup and documenting way of working – quality

Before assembling a new product, we first check all the required materials, then test and document the best routing of the assembly in a test setup. We give our employees clear instructions and perform quality checks in between.

HSV-TMP brainstorms with you on every aspect

The successful development of a plastic product or synthetic component is affected by various factors: the choice of materials, the production technique used in the process, the price-quality ratio of the matrix, the cost price of the final product, and more. We brainstorm with you on every aspect.

The production of a good plastic product is always the result of teamwork. It involves combining such diverse disciplines as R&D, product design, marketing & sales, purchasing, logistics and quality assurance. The team at HSV-TMP supports you throughout the process.

ISO 9001:2015

HSV is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Product development

Many customers involve us in product development at an early stage. That enables them to take full advantage of our knowledge and production techniques.

Product development


Each product is different, so there is a different production schedule for each project. Here you get an indication of the lead times for projects.

Development process


Always a processing method available. We are specialized in high-pressure injection moulding, structural foam moulding and sequential injection moulding.



Lower transport costs through smart product design and well thought-out packaging solutions. Your products transported safely and cost-effectively.


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Case studies: examples from day-to-day practice

No two projects are the same, but in many cases a development and production process follows a number of standard, recognisable steps. We have therefore provided a number of examples from our day-to-day practice to illustrate our approach.


Flux Furniture

Flux chair: Award Winning Dutch Design

The Flux chair is a foldable, lightweight designer chair produced by Dutch company Flux Furniture. It is an excellent example of Dutch design that has already been honoured with various design awards. HSV TMP made […]

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A new generation of plastic cable ducts

Heatpoint specialises in high-quality rail applications for companies that operate train, tram and metro systems. One of these applications is a plastic cable duct. This has been on the market for a number of years […]

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Solution for installing PV modules

German company SOLON is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panel systems, or PV modules. Working together closely with SOLON, we developed a new solution that allows these modules to be installed on […]

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Some of our clients

About us: Introduction

Are you looking for a partner who can support you with the development of your plastic products due to practical experience? At HSV TMP we have decades of experience in the development of plastic components and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the materials and techniques required.


Company profile

An increasing number of designers and purchasers are opting for plastic

HSV TMP is one of Europe’s leading companies when it comes to manufacturing large plastic products. At our factories in Ede and Leeuwarden we develop and produce innovative housings, fittings and other components for customers in a diverse range of sectors.

Company Profile
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Our history and organisational structure

The history of HSV Technical Moulded Parts (HSV TMP) can be traced back to the foundation of our sister company, HSV Moulded Foams. This company – like HSV TMP now a separate division of the HSV Group – started manufacturing EPS packaging at a production location in Ede in 1968.


Core Values

How we do business

We are convinced that our customers not only work with us because of the products we supply, but also because of the way we do business. We have broken down this approach into 4 core values.

Core values


More about CSR

Topics at HSV Technical Moulded Parts


Reinforced plastic roof attachment for Solyco SOLo

HSV TMP developed a reinforced plastic roof attachment for the Solyco SOLo, partnering with Solyco Solar AG and technical design firm BPO. HSV also manufactures this innovative roof attachment system, which is used for rooftop […]

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HSV introduces Project+, Let’s make it FIT

Project+ makes HSV the first manufacturer in Europe to successfully integrate large injection-moulded parts and EPS/EPP foam components. Project+, engineering added value Project+, Let’s make it FIT by HSV essentially means engineering added value. HSV […]

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a new Injection Moulding Machine for HSV TMP

HSV-TMP about the KraussMaffei 1700-MX

‘Large, complex shaped components made from plastic are manufactured with extreme precision and accuracy, using energy-efficient and cost-effective methods. These shaped components achieve maximum reproducibility.’ Wilfred CornelissenTechnical Director HSV Technical Moulded Parts KraussMaffei 1700-MX | […]

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