Assembly and your added vallue

Assembly of plastic injection-moulded products; The added value of HSV-TMP

HSV-TMP has a specially equipped assembly department, where we carry out the assembly of injection-moulded plastic products for many of our clients.

Our added value? We work with you to devise smart, high-quality logistical solutions that save you money. Our organisation is flexible, and we use advanced equipment to professionally assemble and pack your plastic product.

Assembly of plastic injection-moulded products, client-specific assembly lines

Specially-trained assembly operators work on client-specific assembly lines every day. They monitor quality and contribute to the smooth operation of your product’s logistical process.

Advanced assembly equipment

HSV-TMP has advanced assembly equipment and can carry out various types of assembly work for you:

  • mirror welding
  • milling
  • insert rubber seals
  • ultrasonic welding
  • heat transfer, also in colour
  • pad printing
  • stickering
  • client-specific packaging
  • testing

Test setup and documenting way of working – quality

Before the assembly of a new product starts, all required materials are checked. The most optimal routing is then checked and recorded in a test setup. We give our employees instructions and perform various quality checks in between.

HSV-TMP brainstorms with you on every aspect

To successfully develop your plastic product or component, we take account of various factors that affect the final result: the choice of materials, the production technique, the price-quality ratio of the mould and the cost price of the final product.

Effective teamwork between the R&D, product design, marketing & sales, purchasing, logistics and Quality Assurance disciplines also contributes to this success. The team at HSV-TMP guides and supports you throughout the process.

Would you like to know more, and cut your costs?

Would you like to cut the costs of your product and learn more about assembly at HSV-TMP? Call +31 318 648 991, send an email or apply for our plastic QuickScan. The engineers at HSV Technical Moulded Parts are ready to help you, and eager to inform you.

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