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Costs of injection moulding

Would you like to calculate the costs of injection moulding for your plastic products, housings or shaped components? HSV TMP is a specialist in injection moulding of large plastic products. In addition to providing the calculation and a cost overview for product realisation of your injection-moulded plastic product, HSV takes it a step farther. Our plastics and injection-moulding experts will advise you on ongoing optimisation of your product design and improved efficiency in assembly workflows and in the logistics process. As a result, you will achieve a good overview of the costs involved, while we contribute to effective solutions – from design to realisation – that will help you achieve interesting savings.

Costs of injection moulding

Based on your product design, our plastics experts will perform a QuickScan, making it possible to calculate the costs of injection moulding for your product or shaped component. During the QuickScan, we look at how to produce your product as optimally as possible, at very interesting rates.

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Costs may vary depending on factors

The costs of injection moulding for your plastic products depend on various factors. This includes the amount of material, the type of plastic, and the size and complexity of the mould needed to produce your product. Other factors include the production volume (number of items), the injection-moulding technique used in production, the assembly workflows of your choice and logistical solutions.

Durable and sustainable injection-moulded plastic products

Do you consider it an important priority to ensure that your plastic product, housing or shaped component is produced using sustainable methods and materials? HSV TMP has the facilities and resources to make that happen. We are your injection moulding partner for sustainable plastic products.

Our production facilities in Ede and Leeuwarden run on solar power, and HSV also offers you the option of using recycled plastics and bio-plastics in your products. Would you like to know more about these sustainable solutions for your injection-moulded product? Contact us, or call +31 (0)318 649 991. We would be happy to advise you about our sustainable options.

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Are you looking for a partner who can support you with the development of your plastic products due to practical experience? At HSV TMP we have decades of experience in the development of plastic components and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the materials and techniques required.


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An increasing number of designers and purchasers are opting for plastic

HSV TMP is one of Europe’s leading companies when it comes to manufacturing large plastic products. At our factories in Ede and Leeuwarden we develop and produce innovative housings, fittings and other components for customers in a diverse range of sectors.

Company profile
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Our history and organisational structure

The history of HSV Technical Moulded Parts (HSV TMP) can be traced back to the foundation of our sister company, HSV Moulded Foams. This company – like HSV TMP now a separate division of the HSV Group – started manufacturing EPS packaging at a production location in Ede in 1968.


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We are convinced that our customers not only work with us because of the products we supply, but also because of the way we do business. We have broken down this approach into 4 core values.

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