The benefits to you: Flexibility in planning, mass production for an attractive purchase price

Expanding equipment range | KraussMaffei GX 550T

“The benefits to you: Flexibility in planning, mass production for an attractive purchase price”

The production of plastic injection-moulded components and products is growing. For this reason, HSV TMP has decided to expand its equipment range with a KraussMaffei GX 550T.

KraussMaffei GX 550T, low machine price

The KraussMaffei GX550T is installed in our production facility in Ede, and offers the option of carrying out mass production. This results in a low machine price, which in turn means an attractive purchase price for you. It also allows us to plan more flexibly.

Installation KraussMaffei GX 550T

In addition to the installation and commissioning of the KraussMaffei GX 550T, a machine-integrated linear robot with servo AC axis has also been installed, and a new 12.5T overhead crane has entered service.

Serving clients better & maintaining consistent product quality

The purchase of this ‘slightly smaller big boy’ expands our production capacity and improves our continuity. That allows us to serve you even better and gives us the room to continue growing as an organisation.

High-pressure injection moulding and thermoplastic injection moulding (TSG)

In addition to high-pressure injection moulding, this machine can also be used for thermoplastic injection moulding (TSG), and the KraussMaffei GX 550T adds a more balanced clamping force range to our equipment range at lower clamping forces. 

Moretto dosing system, high-accuracy dosing

The new Moretto dosing system offers the option of gravimetric dosing. This means that we can dose the material even more accurately, which allows a consistent material mix with fast and constant flow.

The Moretto is also easier to clean, and there are fewer unused spots in the silo. The reduction in unused space ensures a more even residence time, which has a positive impact on the quality of the final product.  The dry-air dryer that comes with the Moretto includes a list of preset configurations for the various plastics.

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