KraussMaffei 1700-MX Accurate, versatile and sustainable

HSV-TMP about the KraussMaffei 1700-MX

‘Large, complex shaped components made from plastic are manufactured with extreme precision and accuracy, using energy-efficient and cost-effective methods. These shaped components achieve maximum reproducibility.’

Wilfred Cornelissen
Technical Director
HSV Technical Moulded Parts

KraussMaffei 1700-MX | Accurate, versatile and sustainable

HSV-TMP (Ede facility) recently became the proud owner of the KraussMaffei 1700-MX SP245005.

Wilfred Cornelissen – Technical Director at HSV Technical Moulded Parts – about this versatile powerhouse, which delivers an amazing 1700 tonnes of clamping force.

‘This injection moulding machine is very powerful, versatile and sustainable. A valuable new asset to our organisation and our machine fleet. For starters, the melt quality and shot weight of this injection moulding machine are very consistent, which translates into high-quality shaped components that also achieve maximum reproducibility.’

KM1700-MX balanced clamping force range

‘This KM1700-MX also has a balanced clamping force range’, Wilfred continues, ‘and the machine is equipped with an integrated dry-air dryer suitable for technical polymers. Also, the linear robot can manipulate shaped components up to a maximum of 50 kg during production, thanks to torque sensors on the A and C axes.’

Precision dosing

‘In the six flow lines of the dosing system, thermoplastics and additives are fed in using gravimetric dosing to achieve a consistent material mix and a high constant flow.’

Consistent quality

‘The intelligent operating system of the KM1700-MX makes it possible to manufacture large, complex housings and products with extreme precision, achieving consistent quality and cost efficiency. Some of the benefits:

  • Consistent quality
  • Large-scale shaped components
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient
  • Cost-efficient production, competitive machine fees and interesting
  • purchase prices
  • Planning flexibility

Besides the consistent high quality of the moulded products, this new addition has also given us more planning flexibility, creating room to keep improving the services we provide for you.’

Sustainable high-pressure and thermoplastic injection moulding

The KM1700-MX will be used for sustainable high-pressure injection moulding and/or thermoplastic injection moulding of large, complex plastic products, housings and shaped components for our clients.

Your products are manufactured sustainably at HSV-TMP. HSV Technical Moulded Parts uses sustainable power, generated by 3,300 solar panels on the roof of our location in Ede (2018) and 1,200 solar panels at our location in Leeuwarden (2019). Discover more about sustainable development and production at HSV-TMP here

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