Hybrid; successful integration of plastic injection moulded parts and particle foams

Hybrid project: WTW unit Itho Daalderop

We worked closely with our sister company HSV P&I to carry out this hybrid project. This WTW unit for Itho Daalderop was developed entirely in-house at HSV, and even won a VSK Award.

Hybrid project, conscious choice

Itho Daalderop made a conscious choice to ask HSV to develop this WTW unit. Besides its in-depth knowledge of both techniques – plastic injection moulding and particle foam engineering – HSV was also able to handle production and assembly for this hybrid WTW unit.

Injection-moulded plastic components truly connect seamlessly to
foamed EPS components’

Perfect blend

This approach led to a perfect blend of both techniques. Injection-moulded plastic components truly connect seamlessly to foamed EPS components. This seamless hybrid is possible thanks to the dedication and multifaceted expertise of the engineers at HSV TMP and HSV P&I, including their experience with product tolerances. In addition, HSV handles the assembly, ensuring that Itho Daalderop enjoys a full-service logistics process as well.

About hybrid solutions

Seven years ago, HSV started offering hybrid product solutions. In this context, ‘hybrid’ represents a seamless integration of injection-moulded plastic components and particle foam components. For clients, that means efficient development of your product, a streamlined assembly process and more efficient logistics. In addition to time savings, lower costs and more efficiency, you can also benefit from other advantages, such as reducing the weight of your product.

Air-conditioning systems
Example hybrid solution

Equipment manufacturers in the HVAC sector need to combine different functions: a strong frame, thermal insulating properties, an appealing look, excellent air flow and effective management of condensation.


The combination of injection-moulded components and expanded foams can incorporate all of those functions. It eliminates the need for a separate metal frame. Due to the in-line assembly, the number of components are limited to a minimum.

HSV is the only company in Europe that has the know-how and expertise in both techniques available in-house and is able to integrate them successfully on your behalf.

This development is also extremely interesting for other industries – including horticulture, furniture and aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.

More information about hybrid product solutions

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