Product combinations made of particle foams and injection-moulded components

Hybrid | product combinations of particle foams and injection-moulded components

Injection-moulded components made from hard plastic and integrated with particle foam sections, hybrid solutions, lead to simplified assembly and lower costs for you.

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Hard plastic injection-moulded components and particle foams

HSV is the only company in Europe that has its own in-house expertise and production capacity for hard plastic injection-moulded components [HSV Technical Moulded Parts] and particle foams [HSV Packaging & Insulation]. As a result, HSV is capable of achieving perfect integration of both materials. The added value of hybrid solutions is reflected in such areas as more efficient logistics and simpler assembly.

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Curious whether your product design can be implemented as a hybrid product solution? Call +31 318 648 991 to contact one of our engineers directly or to request a plastic QuickScan and have the feasibility of your product design tested, without any obligations. You will receive an initial price estimate and indication for the realisation of your hybrid shaped plastic component, housing or product.

Benefits of hybrid product solutions

Involving HSV in in-house development and production of hybrid solutions has various benefits for you, from the design phase all the way to the logistical process:

  • Less time
  • Lower purchasing risks
  • Direct cost reductions
  • Lower weight

Combine different functions

It has become clear in the HVAC sector that there are benefits to combining different functions: a strong frame, insulating properties, an appealing look, excellent air flow and
effective management of condensation. The combination of plastic injection-moulded components and expanded foams can incorporate all of those functions. It eliminates the need for such factors as a separate metal frame. Due to the in-line assembly, the number of components are limited to a minimum. That is the key to success! Besides the benefits for the HVAC industry, hybrid solutions are also interesting for horticulture, the furniture sector, the medical industry and the aerospace industry, for instance for the production of aeroplane seats.

One single product number

HSV sees it as a total process of injection moulding, expansion, welding and gluing. All you have to look at is a single product number on the order list. You are highly knowledgeable about the market you operate in; based on that knowledge, you can give our engineers the technical specifications that you require, including cost price if necessary. HSV translates that into plastics technology: Is it feasible? How can we manufacture it? How can we integrate as many functions as possible? How do you make it fit for purpose? Our engineers work hard to formulate a fitting answer to all of these questions.


If you choose HSV, you automatically opt for sustainable production of your plastic products, shaped components, housings and other plastic parts. HSV Technical Moulded Parts finds the most optimal solution for you, both in terms of using sustainable material use and finding optimal matrix constructions, assembly and logistical solutions that will save you time and money. In addition, we use sustainable energy, generated from solar collectors, for the production and assembly of your product. More about CSR at HSV.

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Do you want to cut costs for your products, or would you like to know more about the benefits of integrating hard plastic shaped components and/or housings with particle foams? Call +31 (318) 648 991, Fill in the contact form or apply for our plastic QuickScan. The engineers at HSV Technical Moulded Parts are ready to help you, and eager to inform you about hybrid solutions.

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Are you looking for a partner who can support you with the development of your plastic products due to practical experience? At HSV TMP we have decades of experience in the development of plastic components and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the materials and techniques required.


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An increasing number of designers and purchasers are opting for plastic

HSV TMP is one of Europe’s leading companies when it comes to manufacturing large plastic products. At our factories in Ede and Leeuwarden we develop and produce innovative housings, fittings and other components for customers in a diverse range of sectors.

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Our history and organisational structure

The history of HSV Technical Moulded Parts (HSV TMP) can be traced back to the foundation of our sister company, HSV Moulded Foams. This company – like HSV TMP now a separate division of the HSV Group – started manufacturing EPS packaging at a production location in Ede in 1968.

Are you looking for a plastic solution? HSV TMP is happy to help you make it a reality.

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We are convinced that our customers not only work with us because of the products we supply, but also because of the way we do business. We have broken down this approach into 4 core values.

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