Sustainable injection moulds for the realization of your plastic products

Injection mould

A final product made from plastic is manufactured using an injection mould (also known as an injection matrix). HSV TMP is plastic manufacturer and a specialist in the development and production of large plastic injection moulded products and has the expertise to advise you on the right injection mould for your plastic product.

An injection mould

During the process of designing a plastic product, factors that are taken into account include the mould flow: how a particular plastic behaves in an injection mould. This information makes it possible to configure the best possible mould and determine which type of plastic – or combination of plastics – should be used to produce your final product. The mould insert or counterform (the negative mould) is then shaped inside the mould cavity by the mould technicians. The engineers at HSV TMP will be happy to advise you on the right injection mould for your plastic product.

Durable moulds

At HSV TMP, we work with mould technicians who can build durable moulds and large-scale moulds. This means that the materials used in the moulds have a long service life. It is possible to achieve a shot guarantee up to 1 million products. Shot guarantee depends on the type of plastic, the material used to build the mould, and the construction of the mould. Our engineers will be happy to brainstorm with you to incorporate your preferences. To give you an example, we even have moulds in production that have lasted for more than 22 years and still meet the predefined quality requirements, dimensions and model.

Each mould is unique

A mould is made according to predefined product specifications, which makes each mould unique. During the mould-building process, we take into account the type of plastic, the various plastic granules that could be used, the product shape, different wall thicknesses, and the temperature at which the plastic is injected. The mould is configured in such a way that your final product is produced as efficiently and sustainably as possible. You could also opt to have HSV TMP handle any assembly.

The injection moulding process

The plastic granulate is fed into the barrel of the injection screw through a feeding hopper; after heating, the liquid plastic is injected into the mould under high pressure. Then the hollow spaces (cavities) in the mould are filled with the molten plastic.

Using cooling pipes, the mould is cooled under constant pressure until the mould cavity is completely filled and the plastic has solidified.

After that, the mould is opened by the injection moulding machine. The product is extracted by a robot and placed on a conveyor belt. Then the mould closes and the next injection takes place.

Once out of the mould, the product continues to cool down. During this process, the product shrinks into its final shape and takes on the intended dimensions.

The result is a high-quality plastic product that is fully in line with the predefined quality requirements, dimensions and model.

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