PA-V2 Injection moulding at HSV-TMP the advantages

PA-V2 Injection Moulding at HSV-TMP

HSV Technical Moulded Parts for Weather-proof, durable and low-maintenance fittings for infrastructure
Example of injection moulding of a cable duct in PA-V2


During injection moulding with PA-V2 (polyamide or nylon with fire retardant – self-extinguishing up to max. 30 seconds), PA and V2 are fused by thermoplastic bonding during the injection moulding process.

PA-V2 Injection Moulding

Extra strengtheners, high-gloss properties, heat resistance and anti-static properties can be added during the production process.

With PA-V2 injection moulding, plastic products, shaped components and housings take on material properties that contribute to a longer service life. The wide-ranging advantages include:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Very tough, unbreakable
  • High damping properties
  • Very easy to process mechanically
  • Wear and impact resistance
  • Good gliding and rolling properties
  • Can withstand high dynamic loads
  • Fireproof plastic
  • Very moisture absorbent

PA-V2 injection moulding: fireproof and long service life

PA-V2 injection moulding is a good choice when products, shaped components or housings need to be fireproof and have a long service life. Would you like to know more about PA-V2 and the possibilities for your injection-moulded product, shaped component or housing? Ask your question and click on the button below to contact one of our engineers directly.

When can PA-V2 be used?

Would you like to know when PA-V2 can be used? Nylon or polyamide is resistant to many chemicals and also has good resistance to oils, fats and petrol. Some types are even food-safe and suitable for use in the food industry. It is ideal for mechanical parts that are exposed to shock loads and elevated temperatures. A number of examples are listed below.

  • Fire-resistant cable ducts, infrastructure
  • Components for machinery, rolls, wear strips and cable sheaves and pulleys
  • And much more: coverings, tools, cogs 

UV stabilisers are added to products that will be used outdoors.

Processing, finishing and assembly

Before the PA granulate can be processed, it is first dried in the desiccant dryer. Then the injection moulding process can begin and the granulate is melted. After that, the material is injected into the mould. The cooling and pressure holding process give the shaped component its final shape.

After ejection, the shaped component is conditioned by placing the product in a water basin and letting it rest for some time. This step hardens the material and gives it even more toughness and impact resistance. Once this process is complete, the product can move on to finishing and assembly. Find out more about the injection moulding cycle of plastic products here.

There are various ways to finish a product. See the assembly page for information on finishing and assembly at HSV Technical Moulded Parts, including paintwork, embossing, galvanising, prints and metallising, etc.

HSV-TMP provides a host of services to various sectors in the development and sustainable production of large plastic sections and housings

What does PA-V2 injection moulding cost?

Would you like to request a cost estimate for PA-V2 injection moulding for your plastic product? Request a plastic QuickScan here. Our plastic experts will assess the feasibility of your product design and you will receive an initial estimate of the costs.

Sustainable production

At the HSV Technical Moulded Parts injection moulding company, we consider sustainable production of plastic products to be important, just like recycling and reusing plastics. PA-V2 is aligned with the circular economy and can be recycled and reused. Read more about corporate social responsibility at HSV-TMP.

Injection moulding of large plastic products

HSV Technical Moulded Parts has the injection moulding machines and technical knowledge for injection moulding of large plastic products. For more than 30 years, we have specialised in injection moulding using various thermoplastics and additives, including PA-V2 (flame-retardant polyamide or nylon). The design team would be happy to give you advice and information on which thermoplastic is best for the realisation of your plastic product. Request the Plastic QuickScan and receive advice without any obligations.

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