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Plastic products that deliver added value for you

The HSV-TMP team has a huge passion for plastics and does not shy away from any technical challenge to create plastic products which will deliver added value in countless ways. Experience has taught us that this gives our clients the feeling that HSV-TMP is the right company for them where innovative projects are concerned.

State-of-the-art machine fleet

HSV TMP Plastic products that deliver added value for youOver the past ten years, HSV-TMP has made substantial investments in the machine fleet. As a consequence, HSV-TMP now has a wonderful, state-of-the-art machine fleet, ranging from 300 tons to 4,000 tons clamping force, the biggest in Europe. With those machines, we are able to injection mould products from approximately 300 grams up to 30 kilos, and that makes us unique.

Not that there aren’t any companies with big machines in Europe, but they are often used captive for logistics – pallets, pallet boxes and similar – or for the automotive sector: bumpers, dashboards, etc. There are actually very few companies like HSV-TMP that provide such large machine capacity for third parties.

Quality engineering department | Innovative projects

HSV Technical Moulded Parts Plastic products that deliver added value for youIn addition, HSV-TMP has a quality engineering department who are able to create innovative projects in close collaboration with your developers. Our engineers also help you with e.g. advice regarding design or choice of materials. In addition, we provide detail development, for instance with Mould Flow analyses and warpage analyses; we also develop optimal moulds together with our vast network of specialists across the world.

Responding to your needs

The implementation of technical, complex products requires intensive collaboration of an entire network of technical specialists, such as material suppliers, engineer firms, machine manufacturers and mould makers, who we like to see as partners.

We have seen that there is a great need for that. Our clients are generally machine builders, who are very knowledgeable about their own machines, but not necessarily aware of the possibilities and impossibilities of plastics. Though there are plenty of specialists in the market, there are only just a few who also have the hands-on experience to convert these projects into actual operational production and delivery. HSV-TMP does have that, and it shows. We respond to your needs.

Experience with big TSG or high-pressure injection-mould products

HSV Technical Moulded Parts Plastic products that deliver added value for youIn particular, our experience with big TSG or high-pressure injection-mould products is crucial to our success. Over and over, it becomes clear that a big injection-mould product is not just a small product made bigger; it is much more complex than that. This is apparent even if we just look at such factors as the thermal management of large moulds, or the injection system. HSV-TMP now has considerable experience with injection systems with up to 19 injection nozzles, which can all be controlled individually. We have for instance a mould comprising 45 tons of steel, with a hot runner system with 19 injection nozzles and more than 1,000 meters of cooling channels in the mould. In addition, we have amassed loads of experience with sequential injection moulding over the past decades .

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