PP Injection moulding at HSV-TMP the advantages

PP, polypropylene or polypropene

The polymer PP, polypropylene or polypropene, consists of an organic compound made up of a chain of identical or similar molecules that are chemically bonded. PP is obtained via synthesis from fossil oil, biomass, or via reusing and recycling.

PP injection moulding

PP is resistant to chemical solvents, acids and bases, and as such PP is often used for injection moulding. It is also resistant to bacterial growth and is therefore suitable for medical equipment and products that come into contact with foodstuffs. The material is suitable for use at a wide range of temperatures, has a high impact resistance and excellent mechanical properties. PP is one of the most versatile thermoplastics and is extremely suitable for use in technical structures. A few of the benefits of PP:

  • High toughness
  • High impact resistance
  • Temperature resistant
  • Suitable for film hinges
  • Resistant to bacterial growth 
  • Option to sterilise
  • Resistant to chemicals

Would you like to know whether PP can be used for the production of your plastic product, shaped component or housing? Ask your question and click on the button below to contact our engineers directly.

Injection moulding with PP

When injection moulding with PP (polypropylene or polypropene), PP granulate is heated and subsequently injected into the mould at high pressure once the plastic has reached the required temperature. Here it takes on the desired shape of the plastic product, shaped component and/or housing. The mould is then cooled. Once the plastic has cooled sufficiently and has hardened, the mould opens and the product, shaped component and/or housing is removed. Further processing can take place if desired.

Where is PP used?

Would you like to know where PP is used? PP is used for plastic products where a higher quality level is required, such as bending hinges in cases and caps for squeeze bottles. It is also used in food processors, garden products, plastic furniture, automotive components, pipes and filter materials. Would you like a quick assessment of the feasibility of your product design? Request the QuickScan and receive expert advice.

Example PP: plastic folding chair with folding hinges

Finishing and assembly

PP is available in any colour. Injection moulded products made from PP can be processed further using various assembly techniques. You can find more information about this on the assembly page.

Costs of PP injection moulding

Our plastic experts can calculate the costs of injection moulding your product, shaped component, housing or components in PP. The feasibility of your product design can be assessed with a QuickScan, and you will receive advice and a initial estimate of the costs. Request a plastic QuickScan now.

Sustainable business

As a sustainable business, HSV-TMP aims for zero waste, reduced CO2 emissions and circularity. Our plastic products are made using solar energy. You have the option of choosing recyclate (recycled plastics).

PP is fully recyclable and is highly suitable for reuse, which conserves valuable raw materials. Polypropylene can be identified by its recycling code, 05:

Read more about our sustainable initiatives.

Injection moulding of large plastic products

HSV Technical Moulded Parts is your specialist for the injection moulding of large plastic products. The design team is happy to advise you about the best thermoplastic for your product specifications and how your product can be produced as cost efficiently as possible. Many different thermoplastics and additives are available, including PP (polypropylene or polypropene). Request the Plastic QuickScan and receive advice without any obligations.

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