Product development: from idea to production

Product development: from idea to production

Do you have an idea for a plastic product? Here at HSV TMP, we arrive at a high-quality product, both visually and technically, by following a four-step process:

Phase 1. Your idea mixed with our knowledge

HSV Technical Moulded Parts. Large plastic injection moulded products developed for youYou may already have done market research, drawn sketches or come up with a working prototype of your product idea. It’s a great time to talk to the HSV design team. You know your market and we know about plastics and injection moulding techniques. By mixing this knowledge, we can create beautiful and successful products.

Phase 2. Feasibility study: your ideal product

HSV-TMP is a specialist in developing and producing complex plastic projectsIn this phase, your requirements are translated into technical specifications. The design team at HSV TMP will help you develop the product idea, save on costs, and choose the right production techniques. We will run the Plastic QuickScan to assess the feasibility of your product idea. Based on our knowledge and experience, we will constructively brainstorm with you, considering all the aspects that are important to make production of your plastic product as ideal as possible. We will advise you on the type of plastic and injection moulds that are suitable for your product, and you will receive a indicative estimate. The estimate can even be provided on the basis of a sketch or a simple CAD model.

Phase 3. Official quote and mould-flow analysis

HSV Technical Moulded Parts, specialist in development and production of large technical moulded parts

Is there a detailed product design or an existing product? Then it’s time for the official quote. This consists of an overview of the mould costs and a price for the products. If we see options that would improve the quality of your products and/or achieve savings, we will let you know. A mould-flow analysis (flow simulation) is also carried out in this phase.

Phase 4. Engineering

Before proceeding to the production of the mould and other tools, such as assembly aids and robotic grippers, all the designs are worked out in meticulous detail. Obviously, this takes place in close consultation with your design team. The exact mould construction is determined, precise calculations are made, strength analyses are carried out, and aspects such as discharge angles, etc. are addressed. If the prototype satisfies your preferences and requirements, we can proceed to series production of your plastic product.

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