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Balance ventilation system

Market: Heating ventilation and cooling (HVAC)
Technique: structural foam moulding and Project+
Materials: PP, Neopor and EPP

Re-design, production and assembly of housing, tubes and sockets as a Project+ solution, for a balance ventilation system. This customer was looking for a technical, constructive solution, as an alternative to metal solutions. HSV has optimized the design of this product. The lower weight, the insulating properties and the design freedom of PP, Neopor en EPP these features provide multiple benefits. Nextto improved insulation values & constructive benefits. We also integrated a number of functions in this solution.

The key to success: Project+, integrating two technologies: plastic injection moulding and particle foam engineering. HSV has the in-house expertise and production capacity to assist you. Combining functions is even easier, and in-line assembly limits the number of components to a minimum.

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