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Bottle tray for water analyser

Markets: Medical & analyticalMachinery and Equipment Construction
Techniques: High Pressure Injection Moulding
Material: HDPE

Specific features:
Redesign of bottle trays for a water analyser made by Endress+Hauser.

The Bottle Tray design was optimised in close collaboration with Endress+Hauser. In redesigning the product, we opted for a more efficient production method, achieving consistent product quality at an appealing price point.

The bottle trays were previously produced using thermal moulding. This technique has several disadvantages, and the associated process involves high costs. The resulting trays had variable wall thicknesses and sharp edges, so Endress+Hauser was eager to find a different solution.

The transition to high pressure injection moulding was a logical choice. This technique offers customers a number of advantages. Using this technology, bottle trays have consistent quality, uniform wall thickness and an improved finish, at an interesting price point. The product can be reproduced in high volumes while retaining quality.

Sustainable production

In addition to the design, quality, technical advantages and cost savings of these bottle trays, HSV TMP also focused on sustainable production. The trays can be manufactured using recycled material, and the sustainable production facilities at HSV TMP use green electricity.

This project is an example of how HSV TMP contributes to development and production of high-quality large plastic products, maintaining consistent quality at an appealing price point, which are both technically advanced and eco-friendly.

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