Project+ The streamlined assembly process delivers savings in time, costs and the logistics process

Housing for a hybrid heat pump

Market: HVAC
Technique: and Project+, high pressure injection moulding and particle foam moulding
Material: ABS, PC/ABS V0 and EPP


This housing was developed and created in co-creation with the client. Based on an initial design concept, the Project+ engineers at HSV transformed the preliminary design into a feasible product and contributed to the realisation of sustainable mould constructions.


In this Project+ solution, injection-moulded sections have been optimally integrated with particle foam components. This significantly simplifies the assembly process and delivers savings in time, costs and the logistics process. HSV is the definitive manufacturing company in Europe that has its own in-house expertise and the production facilities to achieve perfect integration of hard plastic injection-moulded components (HSV Technical Moulded Parts) and particle foams (HSV Moulded Foams Group).

Many advantages

The materials used in the housing of this product – expandable plastic EPP and thermoplastics ABS and PC/ABS V0offer many advantages. These advantages benefit the designer and the client, but are also convenient for installation technicians and end-users.

  • Thanks to the design freedom offered by these plastics and the techniques used in production, the designer has lots of room to create a product featuring a unique design.
  • EPP and plastic are lightweight and yet robust.
  • The design of the frame in combination with the EPP component makes it easy to install the PCB, achieving an efficient final configuration.


Using modern injection-moulding technology, a laser texture is added to the surface of the visible EPP components, enhancing the aesthetic value of the product. An injection-moulded frame is placed in the interior, aligning optimally with the EPP components thanks to sophisticated geometry with counterdrafts. A logo has been imprinted on the cover (one of the hard plastic injection-moulded components). The cover protects the electronics installed inside this section and contributes to the overall design.

Sustainable mould construction and production locations

The mould constructions are sustainable, achieving a very long service life thanks to durable materials and sophisticated mould technology. The housing is manufactured and partly assembled in the HSV production locations, where sustainability is part of all our business practices. These locations run on green steam and green electricity, generated partly by the solar panels installed on the roofs of our facilities.

Project+, Let's make it FIT from HSV two techniques one solutionProject+, Let's make it FIT from HSV two techniques one solutionProject+, Let's make it FIT from HSV two techniques one solution

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