Collaboration and development of sustainable innovation

Reinforced plastic roof attachment for Solyco SOLo

HSV TMP developed a reinforced plastic roof attachment for the Solyco SOLo, partnering with Solyco Solar AG and technical design firm BPO. HSV also manufactures this innovative roof attachment system, which is used for rooftop mounting of solar panels on slanted roofs.

Lars Podlowski, board member at Solyco Solar AG, discusses the company’s collaboration with HSV TMP and how that partnership contributed to the development of an innovative reinforced plastic attachment system for the Solyco SOLo. This advanced solar power system generates renewable energy, thus contributing to the energy transition.

Developing a reinforced plastic roof attachment

‘The development of this reinforced plastic roof attachment was prompted by our years of experience with solar power systems and the associated attachment options,’ Mr Podlowski explains. ‘Twenty years ago, I developed a similar product with my colleagues. Back then, the rooftop mounting system was made of metal, but as you know, progress has been made since then and more sustainable alternatives are available now.’

Improving sustainability performance

‘One of our guiding principles in designing this roof attachment was the desire to improve our sustainability performance. In addition, this solution needed to be lightweight as an overall system, easy to mount, structurally sound and impact resistant, and weather resistant. All these parameters brought us to plastic and injection-moulding technology as the most sustainable options for this innovation.’

‘The partnership with HSV TMP was a crucial step forward in achieving our vision for generating renewable energy.’

Lars Podlowski
Board member, Solyco Solar AG

Podlowski continues, ‘The partnership with HSV TMP was a crucial step forward in achieving our vision for generating renewable energy. In addition to its own in-house knowledge, HSV also calls on the know-how of its production partners: engineering firms, material suppliers, mould makers and prototype builders. The result is a smart and carefully crafted product design.’

Collaboration and development of sustainable innovation

‘Consequently, I am generally very satisfied with the collaboration and the development of this sustainable innovation.

‘HSV TMP has proven its worth as a reliable and expert partner. Together, we elevated the Solyco SOLo to the next level.’

During this process, HSV TMP has proven its worth as a reliable and expert partner, that understands plastics and the associated technology and materials, as well as how to process them. The development process focused on finding the most ideal solution, working in close cooperation with the engineers and management at HSV. They even gave input on packaging design, which I appreciated very much.’

Chosen materials and technologies affect the finished product

‘As a customer or product designer, it is essential to be aware that your chosen materials and technologies will affect the finished product and its functionalities. It is therefore very important to clearly specify, at an early stage in the process, which requirements the finished product has to meet, and to provide that information in as much comprehensive detail as possible.

With this collaboration, we were able to enhance the design of the rooftop attachment system, elevating it to a higher level. The expertise and production capacity at HSV give us the opportunity to scale up our production while retaining the highest standards of quality.’

‘The expertise and production capacity at HSV give us the opportunity to scale up our production while retaining the highest standards of quality.’

High-pressure injection moulding offers various advantages

‘The components for this rooftop attachment system were manufactured using high-pressure injection moulding. This technology offers various advantages. First and foremost, it makes it possible to rapidly produce complex geometries at consistent quality, even in high volumes.’ Read more about high-pressure injection moulding here.

Plastic combined with fibre-glass composite

‘We opted to use plastic combined with fibre-glass composite material. This results in a low overall weight for the system, which is good for installation and for sustainable transport. In addition, this combination of materials ensures that the attachments are weather resistant, which contributes to a longer lifetime.’

The advantages

‘This also has significant advantages for end users. The rooftop attachment system is lightweight and allows solar panels to be mounted on slanted roofs. And the system also offers more options for small or fragmented rooftop surfaces. It can be used on different types of roof tiles, and can even be mounted on roofs that can only handle low static loads. This makes the Solyco SOLo suitable for new buildings and for renovation projects. As a result, a wide range of users can benefit from this innovative solar power system.’

Reducing ecological footprint & energy costs

‘For households that want to reduce their ecological footprint while cutting energy costs, the Solyco SOLo offers a very promising solution. It gives people an efficient and sustainable way to generate their own solar power.’

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility

‘At Solyco SOLo AG, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are key selection criteria in the company’s business decisions. We are eager to work with partners who actively work on these goals and comply with relevant standards and regulations, including the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria defined by the EU.

In our experience, HSV TMP embraces its responsibility for the environment and for social welfare. This is an integral part of the company’s philosophy. For example, the Solyco SOLo rooftop attachment system was produced using renewable solar power. By developing large shaped plastic components and using advanced technologies and high-quality materials, HSV contributes to the sustainability transition and helps to promote a greener future.’

About Solyco Solar AG

Solyco Solar AG has years of experience in solar power solutions and rooftop attachment systems for solar panels and is an innovative supplier in the renewable energy sector.

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