Large shaped components with thin walls

Sequential injection moulding

Sequential injection moulding – or cascade injection moulding – is a variation on high-pressure injection moulding, in which plastic is injected into the mould through various openings (nozzle entry points) in a timed sequence. The result: high-quality shaped plastic components that have thin walls, without visible flow lines.

Sequential injection moulding: large products with thin walls

Example: lightweight folding designer chair by FLUX Furniture
Manufacturing techniques: Sequential injection moulding combined with high-pressure injection moulding.

HSV-TMP has extensive experience with development and sequential injection moulding of large products with thin walls. Our knowledge and experience is available to you in developing and producing your large shaped plastic component, housing or product and achieving savings. If you have a question about this type of injection moulding, call +31 318 648 991 to talk to one of our engineers, or click on the button below to ask your question.

Sequential injection moulding for very large products

An example of sequential injection moulding: Console by SOLON

One of the main advantages of sequential injection moulding is that the sequential technique can be used to make very large products with thin walls. The most extreme example made by HSV is the Console by SOLON (see photo), which is manufactured using 17 nozzle entry points.

In the first phase, five valves open to fill part of the matrix. Then these valves close and the rest of the product is filled using the other 12 nozzles.

In addition, cascade injection moulding can be combined with structural foam moulding. A great example of this combination is the thick-walled bottom for a wheelie bin.

Advantages of sequential injection moulding

As described above, sequential  injection moulding – or cascade injection moulding – is a variation on high-pressure injection moulding. This technique is especially interesting for sequential production of large plastic products that have thin walls.

Thermoplastic material is injected into the mould through various openings, but not all at once; the injections are timed in a cascade sequence. Cascade injection moulding is ideally suited for creating large shaped components with thin walls that have to be produced in large series. Other advantages of cascade injection moulding include:

  • High quality
  • Large series
  • Attractive high-gloss surface
  • No additional finishing needed
  • The product is immediately ready to use
  • Strong reduction of flow lines (at the points where plastic flows together)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 1:  Example of a cascade injection sequence and the distribution of thermoplastic material in the mould.

Figure 2: First peak: moment of opening the next nozzle. Small peak: closing the previous nozzle.

Thinner walls lead to lower material costs and shorter production cycles.

The challenge in cascade injection moulding is to minimise wall thickness while retaining sufficient strength and robustness in the final product.

One consideration in cascade injection moulding is the investment involved in the injection system, due to the expense of the needle-valve nozzles required to use this technique.

Would you like to use sequential injection moulding for your product, and are you curious to see whether cascade injection moulding is feasible for your product design? Request the Plastic QuickScan. The design team at HSV-TMP is ready to help you, deploying their creative capabilities to achieve fantastic product innovations. Call +31 318 648 991 to talk to one of our people, or click on the button below to request a QuickScan without any obligations.

HSV-TMP is the go-to place for shaped plastic components, even up to 3.5 metres in size, and – subject to consultation – perhaps even bigger. For advice, call +31 318 648 991, or click the button above.

Why opt for sequential injection moulding?

In response to the question ‘Why opt for sequential injection moulding?’, the designers at HSV-TMP offer you know-how about thermoplastics, additives and the available injection moulding techniques, complemented by extensive experience in these areas.

Do you have a product design for a large shaped component, and would you like to produce a series of these products using sustainable manufacturing practices? Request the free QuickScan or contact one of HSV-TMP’s designers by calling +31 318 648 991. They are happy to advise you about whether cascade injection moulding would be the best technique for creating your large, sustainably produced shaped plastic component, housing or product. If another technique is better suited to the feasibility of your product design, we can advise you on this matter.

The plastic QuickScan tests the feasibility of your product design. The checks include a mould flow simulation. Various factors are taken into account in the resulting advice, including:

  • Product specifications & quality requirements
  • Annual sales & numbers
  • Type of thermoplastic & any additives that may be required
  •  Requisite mould dimensions
  • The injection moulding technique that is best suited to the desired end result

Based on these aspects, we will offer advice and provide an initial estimate of the costs.

Your product ideas in practice

HSV-TMP is your knowledge partner, putting your product ideas into practice. We monitor the current trends and implement newly acquired knowledge and know-how as it becomes available. That includes development of new shaped plastic components as well as redesign from metal to plastic. We are also happy to call on our network of mould-builders and raw material suppliers to meet your needs. Our design team partners work with you to create large, sustainable and easily reproducible shaped plastic components, housings and products that deliver consistent quality.

Guidance when ordering moulds

Once the design of your product has been finalised, the mould can be ordered. HSV-TMP also oversees every aspect of this step in the development process, saving you time and effort. Our designers are keenly aware of what the mould-builders need to know in order to pinpoint the right mould technology to product consistently high-quality shaped components.

Durable moulds

The engineers who build the moulds in partnership with HSV-TMP make high-quality, durable moulds. This way you can be sure that your technical shaped component will meet your requirements in terms of quality and specifications, and that the mould will be durable enough to last. As an indication, some of the moulds we have here for manufacturing large shaped components are still in use 30 years later, and still in optimal condition even now.

Produced with care

In our production sites located in Ede and Leeuwarden, we produce your shaped plastic component, housing or product with care.

Our machine fleet is state-of-the-art. The machines have variable clamping forces ranging from 300 tons to 4,000 tons, and injection volumes ranging from 1 litre to 33 litres. They enable us to create products ranging in weight from 250 grams to 25 kilograms. Besides cascade injection moulding, HSV-TMP also offers the following techniques:

Many of these facilities are available in-house at HSV-TMP. Our extensive machine fleet and production capacity allows us to offer flexibility and respond quickly to your needs.

Achieving savings and sustainability

When you choose HSV-TMP, you are automatically choosing sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint.

Examples include minimising material use, optimising mould investments and outsourcing assembly and logistical solutions that significantly streamline your logistics process. An added advantage is the money you save along the way – which benefits the world we live in as well as your own bottom line. Would you like to benefit from the extensive expertise and sustainable production locations at HSV-TMP? 

Contact one of our engineers and find out more about the added value that we can offer you. Call +31 318 648 991, or click the button below and fill in the contact form to get in touch with us.

Supplementary services, assembly and logistics

To streamline your logistics, HSV-TMP can even handle the assembly and logistics process for you. We help you to brainstorm new ideas, to deliver smart logistics solutions that will save you time and money. Call +31 318 648 991 for more information or click the button below to put your question directly to one of our employees.

Types of thermoplastics

Almost all types of thermoplastics and additives – such as materials that are reinforced with fibres, UV resistant, or fire-resistant – can be used in injection moulding to create large shaped components, housings, and products. Read more about thermoplastics here.

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