Hybrid: Seamless integration of injection-moulded plastic components with foamed EPS components

Water sampling station, wastewater monitoring

This water sampling station from Endress+Hauser is used to analyse wastewater for early detection of COVID-19 outbreaks.

HSV Technical Moulded Parts, assembly comprising inner door and outer door, insulated with EPS foam
Water sampling station. Hybrid Technique: SF and particle foam engineering.
Material: PC-ASA V0 and EPS. Application: housing.

In a fully automated process, the device collects several millimetres of water in a sampling station. The wastewater samples are sent to RIVM, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, for testing to see how many virus particles are present. This approach to wastewater surveillance quickly reveals viral outbreaks and identifies locations where extra measures are needed.

Water sampling station, hybrid housing

This water sampling station is equipped with a hybrid housing. HSV Technical Moulded Parts works with sister company HSV Packaging & Insulation to produce and assemble this housing for Endress+Hauser.

Hybrid housing of water sampling station

Hybrid refers to the seamless integration of injection-moulded plastic components with foamed EPS components.
 The hard plastic components of this hybrid housing are manufactured by structural foam moulding. The foamed EPS components are shaped in the mould. Then the inner and outer door is assembled, with insulating EPS foam between these components. A metal insert is added for durable multi-screw fastening.

Exploded view hybrid housing

Manufacturing techniques:
Structural Foam Moulding
 PC-ASA V0 and EPS

Specific features:
Composite housing. Hybrid assembly of inner and outer door, insulated with EPS foam. Detail: metal insert for durable multi-screw fastening

Hybrid project, conscious choice

Endress+Hauser made a conscious choice to ask HSV to develop the housing of this water sampling station. Besides its in-depth knowledge of both techniques – plastic injection moulding and particle foam engineering – HSV was also able to handle production and assembly.

Hybrid: seamless integration of injection-moulded plastic components with foamed EPS components

Hybrid, seamless integration

Thanks to the expertise and technical knowledge of the engineers at HSV Technical Moulded Parts and HSV Packaging & Insulation, including a keen awareness of product tolerances, injection-moulded plastic components can be integrated seamlessly with the foamed EPS components. In addition to production of this hybrid housing, HSV handles the assembly, ensuring that Endress+Hauser enjoys a full-service logistics process as well.

HSV Technical Moulded Parts, samenstelling van binnendeur en buitendeur, geïsoleerd met EPS schuim
Detail hybrid housing

About hybrid solutions

In 2014, HSV started offering hybrid product solutions. A number of advantages:

  • Efficient development of your product
  • Simplified assembly process
  • More effective logistics process
  • Time savings
  • Lower costs
  • Lower weight

Equipment manufacturers need to combine different functions: a strong frame, thermal insulating properties, an appealing look, excellent air flow and effective management of condensation. All these functions can be achieved by combining injection-moulded components and expanded foams. It eliminates the need for a separate metal frame. Due to the in-line assembly, the number of components are limited to a minimum.

This development is extremely interesting for many industries – including horticulture, furniture and aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.

More information about hybrid product solutions

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