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Your product, manufactured sustainably | Renewable energy

We are increasingly asked whether products can be manufactured using sustainable practices. HSV-TMP uses renewable energy and can deliver your product, manufactured sustainably. In addition, HSV-TMP actively takes part in various initiatives that contribute to improving the environment and the circular economy.

Renewable energy | Significant reduction in CO2 emissions and power consumption 

The renewable energy that we use at HSV Technical Moulded Parts is generated by 4500 solar panelsThe renewable energy that we use at HSV Technical Moulded Parts is generated by 4500 solar panels, which are installed on the roofs of our locations in Ede and Leeuwarden. At our location in Leeuwarden, the warehouse floor is now heated by means of cooling water return flow. All these initiatives yield a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and power consumption for HSV.

Plastic products, manufactured sustainably | Zero-waste policy

HSV-TMP has a ‘zero-waste’ policy. Plastic products are manufactured sustainably at HSV-TMP. We keep a close watch on the TotalCost of Ownership for our clients.
Some examples of sustainable plastic products:

By minimising raw materials and power consumption,as well as offering the option to use recycled materials (recyclate), we prioritise stewardship of the environment at the highest possible level. The manufacturing waste is re-used, of course, though not always in the same application. At HSV-TMP, we use our natural resources efficiently, contributing to the circular economy at an economic and ecological level. But that’s not all…

Addressing air pollution and climate change

HSV-TMP keeps on evolving and takes an active stance in addressing societal problems, such as air pollution and climate change.

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We are the injection mould plastics company that actively participates in initiatives and innovations that contribute to the improvement of living and working conditions and the environment, today and in the future.


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