Hybrid = benefits for you

Hybrid | Product combinations made from injection-moulded components and particle foams

HSV is the only manufacturing company in Europe that has its own in-house expertise and production capacity for hard plastic injection-moulded components (HSV Technical Moulded Parts) and particle foams (HSV Packaging & Insulation). We are capable of achieving perfect integration of both materials into hybrid solutions.

HSV-TMP provides a host of services to various sectors in the development and sustainable production of large plastic sections and housings
HSV Design team | Hybrid product solution

Hybrid | Product combinations made from injection-moulded components and particle foams

In hybrid solutions, injection-moulded components and particle foam are engineered, manufactured and assembled in a combined design. The end result: the realisation of one complete product, all within our own production and assembly facilities.

Hybrid means benefits for you

HSV has all of the required technological knowledge, technical know-how, machinery and logistical options at your disposal, in-house. A few of the ways you can benefit:

  • Less time
  • Lower purchasing risks
  • Direct cost reductions
  • Lower weight

Example hybrid product solution:

The perfect balance | Engineering advantages and lightweight structures

In developing products that offer structural engineering advantages, achieve more lightweight structures, and possess superior insulating properties, the design team at HSV relies on state-of-the-art techniques and technologies. This focus on cutting-edge developments contributes to a perfect balance between product solutions, technical feasibility, and savings in all sorts of areas.

HSV TMP specialist in developement and production of lage technical moulded parts

Hybrid solutions | The key to success

It has become clear in the HVAC sector that there are benefits to combining different functions: a strong frame, insulating properties, an appealing look, excellent air flow and effective management of condensation. The combination of plastic injection-moulded components and expanded foams can incorporate all of those functions. It eliminates the need for such factors as a separate metal frame. Due to the in-line assembly, the number of components are limited to a minimum. That is the key to success!

Expanding machine fleet

In view of the growing demand for hybrid solutions, we have recently expanded our machine fleet to include a 2300T Kraus Maffei, a 900T Kraus Maffei and a Kraus Maffei 3200T injection moulding machine. This expansion enables us to respond to your increased demand, serving you efficiently and accurately throughout the product realisation process.

These injection moulding machines are equipped with APC technology and state-of-the-artfeatures. A few of the advantages:

  • Fluctuations are automatically compensated, giving a better end result for your product.
  • Bigger products and strong reduction of flow lines with Cascade injection moulding.
  • Optimal product qualities. Your product can be compounded from combined raw materials; a maximum of six different substances can be mixed very precisely (±0.001% margin of error).

Would you like to know more, and cut your costs?

HSV-TMP is a specialist in developing and producing complex plastic projects

Do you want to cut costs for your products, or would you like to know more about the benefits of integrating hard plastic shaped components and/or housings with particle foams? Call +31 318 648 991, send an email or apply for our plastic QuickScan. The engineers at HSV Technical Moulded Parts are ready to help you, and eager to inform you about hybrid solutions.

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